In the fashion industry, water is used in many different ways. Dyeing and printing fabrics, washing clothes, cooling down factory buildings, etc. Unfortunately, all of this use comes with a cost: it takes a lot of water to make fashion.

The World Bank reports that the global apparel industry consumes around 700 billion liters of water each year. That’s equal to the annual water needs of about 100 million people! All that water is used to produce clothes that are often in the trash after only being worn a few times.

What can we do to reduce our fashion’s impact on water resources? Buying less clothing, choosing natural fibers over synthetic materials, and supporting sustainable brands are good places to start. Let’s work together to make fashion more sustainable and save our water resources!

How can brands cut down on their water usage?

There are a few ways brands can cut down on their water usage. One is to use more natural fibers, like cotton, which doesn’t need as much water to grow as synthetic materials. Another is to be more efficient in using water in the factories. Some brands are also starting to use recycled wastewater to cool down their buildings and clean their floors.

We hope that we can reduce the fashion industry’s impact on our precious water resources by making these small changes!

What initiatives are there in the fashion industry supporting this cause?

There are a few initiatives in the fashion industry that are supporting this cause. The Sustainable Apparel Coalition is a group of companies, NGOs, and academics working together to make the apparel industry more sustainable. They have created a “Higg Index” which measures how sustainable a brand or product is. The index considers things like water usage, waste production, and worker safety.

Another group working to make fashion more sustainable is the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. They launched a campaign called “The New Plastics Economy” to reduce the amount of plastic waste produced each year. They are doing this by encouraging brands to use recycled materials in their products.

We need everyone’s help to make the fashion industry more sustainable! We can all make a difference by buying less clothing, choosing natural materials over synthetic materials, and supporting sustainable brands. Let’s work together to save our water resources!

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March 31, 2022 — ShopParty