Livestreaming is one of the critical features of the ShopParty marketplace. We decided to share with you why you should use this function.

1. Helps Build Trust and Credibility

When you take the time to create a live stream video, your audience sees that you are willing to invest in yourself. They know that they can trust anything you have to say about your products because you’re eager to put in the work of being online with them regularly. Instead of just pushing out new merchandise on social media, engaging viewers through livestreaming helps break down walls between seller and buyer to better get to know one another before even making a sale.

2. It’s Engaging

Suppose someone drops by during your livestream shopping session. In that case, they have some form of interest in what you have for sale—whether it be a piece of vintage clothing, homemade crafts, or just watching you unbox new inventory. Creating a video where you can engage and talk with your audience is one way to prove that you’re willing to take the time and effort needed to help build up their trust in you as a seller/blogger/creator.

3. Lets You Connect

Whether through text chat or social media comments on your video, allowing viewers to communicate with each other increases engagement exponentially. People are more likely to stick around for more extended periods when they can see what others think about your products, whether positive or negative feedback. Plus, by responding when people message you during the livestream shopping session will them that not only does it mean a lot for them to take the time to engage with you, but that they’re not just another random viewer.

4. Helps You Build a Sense of Community

Engaging your community in an online space is one thing. Suppose you can get people talking with each other and discussing different topics. In that case, that’s when your livestream shopping session becomes something more than just a video where you unbox new items. People will feel like they were part of something bigger than just watching someone share their latest buy. Opening things up and allowing people to chat with each other and interact freely helps showcase more going on with your brand.

5. Instant Sales

The main goal of a livestream shopping session is to engage with your audience and build up trust as a creator. However, it’s also a chance for viewers to see if they want to purchase items from you. Suppose they can’t make it through your video before running out of time (or having second thoughts). In that case, there are still other options like following your social media profiles or subscribing to your blog. That way, when you do go live again, these people will be notified immediately to watch again without missing any new sales or promotions you’re offering.

Live streaming is a powerful tool that can be used to build trust and authenticity with your audience. It’s also an excellent way to connect with people interested in buying from you, even if they miss the livestreaming session itself. With these five benefits of live-stream shopping, there has never been a better time for sellers or creators of any kind to take their business online! If you’re looking for help creating an amazing video strategy using this technology, let us know—our team at ShopParty is ready and waiting to partner with you on designing a plan that will make all your dreams come true!


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February 08, 2022 — ShopParty