What is omnichannel marketing?

As the name implies, Omnichannel marketing is a multi-channel approach to marketing. It’s all about communicating with customers through different channels, including livestreaming or other videos on social media platforms.

What are livestreams?

Livestreaming is when you livestream content from your smartphone onto many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Periscope.

How livestreaming works?

Livestreams are either streamed live (a livestream happening right now) or pre-recorded (previously livestreamed video content).

There is no question livestreaming is hot. Brands use livestreams to share product launches with their customers, let fans take an inside look at their offices and even provide real-time commentary on events like the presidential debates. Yet livestreaming has increased exponentially in popularity over the last few years. However, many marketers still struggle to find ways livestreaming can fit into their omnichannel marketing strategy.

How to incorporate livestreaming into your omnichannel marketing strategy? Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. The livestream should be relatable and easy to embed for viewers.
    Some brands choose livestreams that give behind-the-scenes tours of office spaces while other brands livestream themselves cutting the ribbon on a new store opening.
  2. Branded livestreams require lots of engagement and input from viewers to be successful.
    For livestreams to work, you should build up an audience in advance so that when you go live, there are people at home waiting for your livestream. You also want to be sure to answer questions and ask viewers for their livestream ideas.
  3. Build livestreams into your live, geo-targeted social media strategy
    Livestreaming is a great way to expand your content lineup by adding livestreams as part of your omnichannel marketing mix. And livestreams also make it easier to livestream events since livestreaming is becoming the preference for social media users.
  1. Consider livestreams as part of a social media contest.
    With livestreaming, you can create a fun and engaging livestream event for your audience that builds excitement and engagement and adds value to your livestream viewers by providing them with a special offer or other unique giveaway.
    Using livestreaming for a social media contest requires at least three livestreams: one before the event, one during, and one after.
  2. Show off your brand’s personality.
    Livestreams are the perfect way to show off your brand personality by livestreaming video chats with influencers or livestreams where you engage in funny pranks with coworkers.
  3. Make livestreaming an event
    Part of what makes livestreaming interactive is that livestream viewers can tune into livestreams at any time, so you want to make sure that the livestream content itself is compelling enough that livestream viewers will want to tune in at any time.

And livestreaming is hot for this very reason.
It’s live, fun, and livestream viewers feel like they are part of the livestream event because they can always watch livestreams at their convenience! This means livestreaming is a great way to increase brand loyalty and livestream viewers are going to feel more connected to the livestream.
What’s not to love about livestreams? They can be a great addition to your omnichannel marketing strategy and livestream viewers worldwide are all ears for livestreams! This means livestreaming is a perfect way to connect with existing customers and gain new ones.

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March 26, 2022 — ShopParty