Mua Mua is a line of hand-knit dolls, accessories, and ready-to-wear clothing, made in Bali by its designer Ludovica Virga.


What’s the story behind the brand?

Ludovica Virga decided to produce crocheted dolls made for Balinese affected by the tsunami, who lost their jobs because tourists stopped coming due to so much damage done during that period.

The first creation of Ludovica, or Luvilu, as she is affectionately known by those closest to her, was born by chance. The first Mua Mua doll was made as a gift for a dear friend.

Success came in 2009, when the young designer, during a Chanel fashion show in Venice, met Karl Lagerfeld and gifted him a Mua Mua doll in his likeness.
The designer then forged a collaboration with the world-renowned Italian designer, and in 2012, she was commissioned to produce more than 500 dolls to be sold in Lagerfeld shops worldwide.


How appeared the name House of Mua Mua?

"Mua Mua means “kiss kiss” and it is the imaginary name I gave to my little tribe of crochet dolls, that goes with every piece we sell. Those are good luck charms and my personal version of the Oompa lumpas.

Obviously, I have Karletto, Coco, Donatella, Anna etc. They are the Mua Muas, cute monsters that eat bad vibes turning it into love. They catch any bad luck if is spinning around you. The Mua Mua dolls are hand crocheted in Bali, Indonesia."

The brand is gaining popularity

Ludovica Virga's collection has globally become popular since its launch in 2016. The House of Mua Muas is now sold at some of the most famous stores, and each sale generates funds that are donated to schools on Sumbawa Island where they can help women get an education.

Lately, it seems that the House of Mua has been getting more and more attention. The founder Ludovica always knew she wanted to create a fun environment for those who love fashion as much or perhaps even MORE than herself; this was why their eye-catching collection shines through with creativity at every turn!

If you’re looking for the hottest brand from Bali, look no further than House of Mua Mua. This up-and-coming fashion label is shaking things up with bold prints and unique designs. Fashion can be fun – it doesn’t always have to be serious!

We’re excited to see what House of Mua Mua has in store for us in the future! Check out their Instagram account (@houseofmuamua) to find the latest collection.

Watch their fashion show!  

September 21, 2022 — ShopParty Expert
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