End of the Summer Shopping Guide: Tips on Grabbing Great Fashion

One of the hottest summers in recent history is ending, and you know what that means, right? Summer end sales, streaming sales, and flash sales. The end of the season usually brings out many sales on online retailers and online shopping rooms where you can snag some pretty cool things at remarkably low prices. Brands are simply trying to get rid of their inventory before the beginning of the fall. 

It’s a great opportunity for fashionistas who like a bargain. Sure, you’re probably thinking you’re not going to wear anything summery in the fall, but you can prepare for next summer already. Chances are, many of the styles would still be in vogue, so you can wear these discounted purchases next summer. 

But there are catches, as not every sale is great, and not every livestream shopping session would have the products you need. So here are some tips to help you make the best end-of-summer virtual shopping spree!

Look for Versatile Pieces

While the end of summer sales steam is high, you have to be smart with what you choose. If you can find designs and pieces that are essentially seasonless, i.e., they can work in every season, go for those. 

You can wear these pieces in the fall and winter, and bring them out again next summer. Things like jeans, knit dresses, blazers, and accessories are the ideal things to look for in online shopping rooms at the end of summer. 

Pay Attention to Sizes

You may find it hard to get something you like in your size, as post-summer sale items are typically available in either too small or too large sizes. However, that’s not a problem if you can find something closer to your actual size. 

Every clothing item and its design correspond to size differently. For instance, a bodycon dress made with a stretchy fabric may fit you even one size down your actual size. So check out the size guide charts on the virtual stores for the specific item you’re interested in. If you’re lucky, you may find something that will fit you even if it’s not in your size. 

Search for Next Year's Trends

If you like to stay on top of trends and don’t want something that will be out of fashion next year, you may want to search for next year’s trends early on. As most trends for the season originate on runways, you’ll already find trends for the next summer season. 

Once you find a trend you like, find something similar at the end of the summer clothes sale. 

Go for Luxury

The end of summer is also the best time to buy from luxury brands and designers as they too have markdowns. But don’t go for something that will be out of fashion in a season or two. Go for timeless, classic things that may be on sale, like a sophisticated handbag, a little black dress, or a beautiful wristwatch. 

At ShopParty, you can shop from designer collections, from dresses to activewear to swimwear. Watch the streams of runway shows to find the latest designs and shop off-the-runway looks as the summer ends.

August 25, 2022 — ShopParty Expert
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