Art Hearts Fashion Powers Miami Swim Week 

Last week in Miami was all things swimwear, with the annual Miami Swim Week taking over the city. The Art Hearts Fashion platform powered four days of runway shows from designers and brands all across the globe. 

The event was held from July 14th through July 17th, 2022, and took place at Faena Forum in Miami Beach. All four days of the Art Hearts Fashion event for Miami Swim Week were packed with runway shows, some of which we got to experience. 

These runway presentations were open to the public, so unlike fashion shows at major fashion weeks, the audience didn’t just consist of editors, buyers, and influencers but also members of the general public who wanted to experience a swimwear fashion show. 

July 15th – Keppi Fitness ART HEARTS FASHION MIAMI SWIM WEEK 2022. 2022. Miami, Florida: ChronosMedia.

Art Hearts Fashion

Art Hearts Fashion is a fashion platform that organizes fashion shows and events both on the East Coast and West Coast. Its focus cities include New York, Los Angeles, and, of course, Miami. Since its start in 2010, it has organized and hosted many fashion events with both emerging and established brands from North America and beyond. 

The platform combines art, fashion, and entertainment through its events, all the while giving designers the exposure they need to grow their businesses. 

Naturally, the platform was a good fit for Miami Swim Week, powering shows that set the tone for innovation in swimwear and resort. 

July 15th – Keppi Fitness ART HEARTS FASHION MIAMI SWIM WEEK 2022. 2022. Miami, Florida: ChronosMedia.

The Lineup

The four days saw a total of 37 shows. Here are some of the brands that showed their collections:

  • Custo Barcelona
  • Intenza Swimwear
  • Vichy Swim
  • Fernando Alberto
  • Pinkmelon Swimwear
  • Keppi Fitness
  • Black Tape Project
  • Elan
  • Syrena Swimwear
  • Argyle Grant
  • Bikini Beach Australia
  • Mister Triple X + Dr. Marten
  • Nike Swim

The Highlights

While every show had something unique to offer, few definitely stood out from the crowd. Here are the highlights from the shows curated by Art Hearts Fashion:

The Asherah Swimwear show featured multicolor swimwear pieces, with all the models wearing sunglasses and sports-inspired resort pieces with straps and bands branded with the label’s name, which is a fresh take on resort wear. It also featured a cool choreography moment at the beginning of the show. 

ASHERAH SWIMWEAR | MIAMI SWIM WEEK 2022 | ART HEARTS FASHION. 2022. Miami, Florida: ChronosMedia.

Marqueza showed a line of swimwear inspired by denim with fabric that looked a lot like denim. Some of the swimwear designs were layered with denim jackets. The closing look featured an embellished denim skirt, bikini top, and short jacket. 

The Tape Project by Joel Alvarez sent models down the runway in swimsuits designed with tape, yes, tape. Using a body tape that comes off easily, the designer created intricate patterns for the swimwear that, at times, barely covered the bodies. It was a mix of art and swimwear using something as utilitarian as tape. 

Designer Fernando Alberto presented a collection that can rightly be described as ‘high-fashion swimwear.’ Sequined one-piece, printed palazzos, straw hats, and flowy kaftans dominated the collection. 

Fernando Alberto Spring/Summer 2022 Miami Swim Week. 2022. Miami, Florida: FashionFeed.

The Art Hearts Fashion shows at the Miami Swim Week were fabulous, to say the least. The art element of some of the shows created a beautiful connection between art and swimwear, which is what Art Hearts Fashion is all about. 

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