After two years, Miami Fashion Week came back in full swing, featuring some international and some homegrown names. The third day featured two shows at the Gary Nader Art Center, one of which was by Angel Sanchez, a Miami-based couturist, known for his red-carpet-worthy dresses and jaw-dropping bridal wear. 

Angel returned to the runway after almost three years. So naturally, there was a lot of excitement in the guests to see what the designer brought out. It’s not like he has been away from the scene, as he produced collections regularly over the past two years. However, he did not present a runway show because of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

A Little Background of the Designer

For those who may be unfamiliar with Angel Sanchez, the designer is among the many fashion designers hailing from Miami that are helping make the city the next big thing in fashion. What’s even more interesting is that the designers from Miami aren’t just from Miami, as many of them have roots in other countries, including the Caribbean and South American nations.

Angel Sanchez comes from Venezuela, where his mother ran her own atelier. Growing up seeing his mother make clothes, his affinity for fashion kicked in at an early age for him. However, he ended up studying architecture as a student before reverting to his love for making clothes. That’s when he created his fashion house back in 1987. 

Fast forward to the 2020s, Angel Sanchez has an established presence in Miami, New York, and beyond. He is most well-known for his bridalwear, which combines traditional elegance with contemporary designs and concepts. 

His dresses and gowns are made to sway the red carpets, take center stage, and steal the night. An incredible amount of work goes into the craftsmanship behind these gorgeous pieces. 

The 2022 Couture Capsule: Vivid Architecture

Presented at the Gary Nader Art Center with drawings at the backdrop of a mostly grayscale runway, the collection featured a wide range of colors, which is something rare for Angel Sanchez. Yes, he does use colors, but his work leans more towards the timeless dark shades or white for bridal. 

There were clear influences of architecture as many pieces, although minimalistic, played with the silhouette and form. The collection, as a whole, gave 21st-century opera vibes, if you will, especially with some of the models wearing opera gloves. If Millenials or even Gen Z were to see opera shows, these Angel Sanchez dresses are what they would wear. 

He is known for using his fabrics to create drama. The skirts with wide, long tails added an Avante-Garde touch that is the namesake of the designer. We found a white and black ensemble to be particularly brilliant as it was tailored with white straps of fabric over a pair of black pants. It was chic and playful but at the same time exuded elegance with its streamlined silhouette.

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June 04, 2022 — ShopParty