Miami Fashion Week returned after a two-year hiatus as a result of the pandemic. The 22nd edition of the fast-growing fashion event in Florida featured fewer but big names with an international presence. One of the most anticipated shows from the six-day event was by the Spanish designer, Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada.

Set at the Gary Nader Art Center, the designer took an old page from the book and presented her collection alongside art. The designer is well-known for her eccentrically colorful aesthetic, and this collection was no different, albeit with the addition of some geometry. 

Unlike shows in fashion capitals like Paris or New York, there was a laidback vibe even as the guests sat down. And as soon as the first model pranced the runway, the energy somehow transported from the clothes to the audience, as we saw the front row dancing and singing with the models. It was a pleasant change from the usual ‘phone in the hand’ situation we’ve become too accustomed to at fashion shows. 

From Spain to the World

Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada, also presented by the abbreviation ARP, has slowly but steadily engraved her name in the books of fashion with her experience that expands decades. Having presented her collections at home in Spain and abroad, she has stayed true to her originality. From her first show at the Real Atarazanas to last week’s presentation in Miami, vivid colors have dominated pretty much any silhouette she has sent down the runway. 

She was part of the counter-culture movement Movida Madrileña in the 1980s, which helps explain the pop culture influence in her work. Multicolor flowers, big red hearts, and gold stars are regular elements of her collections. 

She started with apparel, but the brand is so much more today with accessories, jewelry, and even ceramics. 

Practical But Make It Ágatha

The ARP collection at this year’s Miami Fashion Week was modern, and at times, a bit toned down, at least for Ágatha, who doesn’t shy away from using blindingly bright fabrics. That’s not to say that it wasn’t a colorful affair. The designs, however, leaned more towards wearability. 

Large geometric prints, sun silhouettes, flowers, and stars graced the skirts, tops, and dresses. We found the smiley emoji cutouts on the heads of models, a reminder to keep smiling, and that’s what most of us in the audience did. 

Even for something functional, Ágatha managed to add the flair of life with many color contrasts. The silhouettes were breezy and relaxed, balancing the bright colors of the fabrics. 

As we have seen on other runways, printed t-shirts have officially become a runway favorite this year, and ARP also stuck to this trend. However, her t-shirts aren’t simply slapped with a logo. They had a little more creativity and fun. 

It was an emphatically energetic show that marked Ágatha’s return to Miami after a two-year gap. Of course, that warranted some celebration both in the looks and the background music.

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June 03, 2022 — ShopParty
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